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Cross Your Borders is a three-day interactive educational project about development issues for year 2, 3 and 4 of havo/vwo. The project is entirely organised and run by an enthusiastic, young team. The project contains elements of different subjects, such as geography, sociology, history and economy. The students develop several competences, like working together, presenting and debating.  Cross Your Borders can serve as an activity during a project week. It is also possible to combine it with Company FunFair.

Do you want more information? Download the brochure or contact Geert Brugmans (geert@crossyourborders.nl or 06 41 36 37 91). 

Our other projects are: Globaland (1 & 2 vmbo, 1 havo/vwo), Breaking News (havo/vwo, mbo) and Company FunFair (1 & 2 vmbo/havo/vwo).